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Once your reviews have tags, you can explore your user feedback trends, analyze your support team performance and understand the areas the most attention is required.

Reviews chart

With the help of the Reviews Chart page, you can analyze the reviews by apps, by countries, by app versions, and by tags.

The page contains the Reviews by Tags pie diagram that allows quickly get an idea of what the majority of user feedback was about.

A more detailed report is available on the Tags Chart page.

Tags Chart

The Tags Chart page helps to get an overview of trends in user feedback and learn how well the support team performs.

The Tags Chart shows the total number of reviews, reviews with and without tags, and the percentage of reviews with tags from the total number of reviews. You can see the dynamic of reviews with a certain tag on the chart and analyze the trends. 

The chart provides different views: Chart (absolute changes), Relative Chart (relative changes day by day), and Pie (percentage of each selected tag in the total number of reviews for the period of time). 

In the Summary table, there is a number of reviews with specific tags and a history of changes. 

To learn how to create and add tags, check out our article on Tags.

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