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This integration helps you export reviews from App Store, Google Play or Windows Store into your Trello board in real time.

Set up the Trello Integration

App reviews can be exported directly to Trello. To make it work you need to:

  1. Open the Integration List page in your AppFollow account and select the app.
  2. Choose the Trello integration from the list and click "+Add Integration". To connect Trello integration, you need to enter the email associated with your Trello account.
  3. To find the email: open Trello board where you would like to receive app reviews. Then look at the Menu in the right sidebar and select "Email-to-board Settings".
  4. In the opened window you will see Trello Email address. This address is the one you need to copy. 
    You can also select List and Position where your email cards will appear.
  5. Go back to the AppFollow Integrations List and paste the email into the Trello email field in the integration settings pop-up window.
  6. Configure the integration options, languages, and stars.

    Integration options:

    • Only Featured – receive alerts only about featured reviews
    • Became better – receive alerts about reviews that were updated to a higher rating (for example, from 3 to 5 stars)
    • Became worse – receive alerts about reviews that were updated to a lower rating (for example, from 5 to 3 stars)
    • Import History – receive reviews for the previous month

    Select languages:

    • Select languages from the drop-down menu to receive notifications only about reviews in certain languages
    • Select "All languages" to receive reviews in any language

    Select stars:

    • Select star ratings to receive notifications about reviews with specific ratings


  7. Click "Add integration".

After all is done, new reviews will be sent to Trello board:


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