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Use the Compare Meta page to get an overview of the key differences between different apps' metadata. Switch between different views to shift your focus and take a closer look at specific attributes.


The General view includes the following metadata:

  • Category
  • Ranks
  • Price
  • In-app purchases
  • Device
  • Wearable (Apple Watch or Android Wear support)
  • Size
  • Version
  • First release
  • Last release
  • Featured
  • Versions
  • Versions per month


The Extended view includes the following metadata:

  • Languages
  • OS
  • In-app Purchases Details
  • Site
  • Developer Email
  • Content rating
  • Similar apps


The Reviews view shows you stats on the app's rating and its number of reviews and replies. Use this view to quickly compare the high-level stats for your app and your competitors.




The ASO view provides an overview of the app's key metadata:

  • Average rating
  • Price
  • Size
  • Editor's badges
  • Promo banner
  • Promo text
  • Video
  • Screenshots
  • App name character count
  • Subtitle & short description character count
  • Description character counts

Export Data

If you want to save time switching between pages and filters, export you can export the app data into one file. To do this, click on "Export" in the top-right corner of the view and select the desired file format.


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