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The Discord Integration with AppFollow informs you about all app and mobile game changes instantly. Monitor new reviews and boost your ASO marketing by tracking reviews, ranks, keywords changes, and getting featured.

We support:

  • App Store
  • Google Play
  • Microsoft Store
  • Mac App Store

How to Set Up

  1. Open the Integration List page in your AppFollow account and select the app.
  2. Choose the Discord integration from the list and click “+Add Integration”.
  3. Choose what types of notifications you want to get:

    • Reviews Updates
    • Ranks History
    • Keywords History

    If you want to receive several alerts, add them separately.

  4. To get these alerts right into your Discord channel, you need to add the Discord Webhook URL. To find it, go to your Discord, choose the channel > Edit channel (a gear icon)


  5.  Find Integrations (on the left menu) > Create Webhook


  6. Name the Webhook (for example after the app you will be monitoring) and choose the channel. Copy Webhook URL and paste into the AppFollow integration pop-up


  7. Click the blue arrow near the field where you have pasted the Webhook URL. Done. The next update will arrive in Discord and will look like this:


  8. Customize your alerts. You can edit them later as well in the Linked Integrations section:


Your next review or update will come directly to a Discord channel.

How to Reply to Reviews

You can reply to reviews from the AppFollow dashboard. Use the *Reply* link at the bottom of the Discord notification to open the review in AppFollow.

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