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The ASO Email Report allows you to receive a personalized summary report about changes in your keyword positions, app rankings, and your chart positions. Subscribe to the report to get a detailed overview and know where your app stands without leaving your email inbox.

Choose between a daily, weekly, or monthly report, or combine them to stay on top of your ASO efforts at all times. 

  • Daily: Sent once a day at 9:00 AM GMT.
  • Weekly: Sent every Monday at 9:00 AM. Includes data for the previous week (Monday to Sunday).
  • Monthly: Sent on the first weekday of the month at 9:00 AM. Includes data for the previous month.

By default, you’ll receive an ASO Email Report for your Favorite apps. Visit the Keyword Tracking page to customize your report and add new apps, countries, or change the Report’s frequency.

Subscribe to an ASO Email Report

You can create or customize your subscription to the ASO Email Report on the Keyword Tracking page as well as from the Regular reports page.

To Subscribe to the ASO Email Report:

  1. Open the Keyword Tracking page and click Email Report in the top right corner. 
    Or from the Regular Reports page, select the ASO Report.
  2. Choose the app for which you want to set up an alert.
  3. Configure the country rules. If you leave default settings - workspace settings will be applied for the alerts. 
  4. Choose which email addresses should receive the Report. To enter multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma. 
  5. Choose the frequency of the Report: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. 
  6. Click Save.


Read on to learn more about the sections of an ASO Email Report.


The Keywords section provides an overview of your keyword’s changes and movements during the timeframe of the Report:

  • Daily Report: compares the current positions to yesterday’s positions.
  • Weekly Report: compares the current Monday to the previous Monday.
  • Monthly Report: compares the current Monday to the first Monday of last month.

Changes are grouped into categories: Favorite keywords, Top Gainers, and Top Losers.

The ASO Email Report shows keyword changes for all countries that were selected in the Report’s settings. The first country is your Workspace's default country; the rest of the countries are displayed in alphabetical order.

Click on View full report to switch to AppFollow’s ASO Dashboard and see more info about keywords for the selected country.

For the report the top 10 countries by the number of keywords, after which AppFollow identifies movements by positions for each country and select the top 10 best ones for each section (favorites, top gainers / losers) separately. As a result, the report will include no more than 10 countries and no more than 30 keywords per country. In total, no more than 300 keys are issued for the entire report.


View the Rankings section for country-specific information about your app’s positions in the Top Charts. At a glance, see in which countries your app’s position is actively growing and where it’s losing the most. The Top Charts are based on your app’s category or your game’s subcategory. 

Which countries are included in the Report:

  • If your Workspace is set to Worldwide, you see data for the Workspace's default country and for countries where your app has keywords.
  • If your Workspace is country-specific, you see data for the countries you have selected manually.

If your app was featured during the timeframe of the Report, you’ll see an overview of where it was featured here. When you view a Weekly or Monthly report, you see a summary of how many times your app was featured in a certain category during this timeframe.

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