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The AppFollow Keyword Live Ranking tool simulates the app store search engine. Use this tool to learn about store search mechanisms, which apps are displayed when you search for a specific keyword, and which keyword you may be missing. 

To get started:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, expand the Organic Traffic & ASO section and find the ASO tools.
  2. Keyword live ranking will be in the first tab you will see.
  3. Select the platform of the app you want to research: iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  4. Select a country.
  5. Type in a keyword.

Apart from apps, the results will show you any existing App of the Days cards, app bundles, and in-app purchases (available for App Store apps only). 

To start tracking a keyword, click on the "+" sign or select "Track all keywords".



After you search for a keyword, you will see the top 10 related App Store suggestions, or the top 5 related Google Play suggestions. Click on a keyword to see the list of apps that use this keyword. Note: your favorite apps are always displayed at the top of the list. 


Click on the eye icon to see more related keywords. You can start tracking these keywords by clicking on the "+" sign next to each relevant keyword. To add all of the suggested keywords to your list, click "Track All Keywords".

When a keyword including a typo is searched for an iOS app, the results shown will be converted to the corrected version of said word, and a small card will appear to inform the user of that mistake. That happens for App Store apps only, because of the new featured released by Apple on iOS 14 that applies spell-check in all App Store searches. 


This feature will help keep the visibility of your app on check. Keep in mind that not every country has automatic Spell-Checking on App Store, and therefore this card will not be triggered for every app on AppFollow (depending on the country of the Workspace/App you are viewing).

Competitor Keywords

When you search for a keyword, you will see 100 App Store or 49 Google Play apps on the right. These are the search results a store user sees when they make an identical query. Click on an app to see screenshots from its store page. By clicking on the eye icon, you will open the Keyword Spy tool and see the rest of the keywords it uses. The keywords sequence depends on their Traffic scores – the lower the score, the less popular the keyword is.

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