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Apart from adding Tags manually, it’s possible to automatically assign tags to reviews based on certain conditions. Read on to learn how to create an Auto-tag rule and choose an appropriate set of conditions.

To learn more about creating regular Tags to use in this section, check out our article about Tags.

Set up Auto-tags

  1. Expand the Reply to Reviews section in the left-hand navigation panel and click "Auto-tags". 
  2. Click "Add New Rule" in the top-right of the page.
  3. Optional: type in a name for your new Auto-tag rule.
  4. Select a condition or several conditions. Learn more in our article on Auto-tag Conditions.
  5. Select the Tag that should be assigned when a review meets these conditions.
  6. Click Save Rule.

The Auto-tag script runs every 5 minutes. After you set up an Auto-tag rule, it is automatically applied to new Reviews, and to all relevant Reviews from the past 2 days.

If your app has an active Zendesk App integration, applied Auto-tags are sent to Zendesk tickets as well.

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