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You may get the data from the Downloads & Revenue page with the help of:

  • Email report
  • API Connect method
  • By exporting an Excel or CSV file.

Email Report 

The report provides the data on the key metrics: Total Downloads, Net Revenue, Updates, Uninstalls.

There are daily, weekly and monthly options to receive the reports. You may select the apps and countries to get the reports. 

There is a Summary of all the apps with the integration and the breakdown by each app.

Downloads & Revenue API Connect 

Using the Downloads & Revenue API method you can access sales data for all your apps with the Sales integration set. The description of the method and the example is available here.

Note, the Downloads & Revenue API is a premium feature. To get this feature enabled for your account, please reach out to your account manager.

Export Excel or CSV

You can easily export the data from the Downloads & Revenue page by the apps with the Sales report integration. 

There are daily, weekly and monthly reports available. It is possible to select apps, countries, and the time period you need the report for. 

Note, the Worldwide workspace export is only available for 2 apps at a time.

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