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The Sales Report integration allows us to get data for the Downloads & Revenue and the Subscriptions Report pages. The integration can be set up only if an app is paid, or has in-app purchases.

Set up the Sales Report Integration with Google Play

To set up this integration, you'll need your Developer ID from the Google Play Developer Console and a unique authorization code.  

Follow these steps:

      1. In your AppFollow account, open the “Downloads & Revenue” or the "Subscriptions Report" page from the left-hand navigation panel.
      2. On Downloads & Revenue page, you can go to the "Apps summary" section and click "Please set up an integration" on the app you are trying to track (which doesn't already have an integration). 

        Or alternatively, you can find the integration button at the top of the Subscription Reports page as well. To set up the integration from here, simply click "Start tracking" to be taken to the integrations screen. 
      3. On the integration screen, choose an app and click “Start” on the Google Play Console card;
      4. Click "Next". You’ll be asked to enter your Developer ID from the Google Play Console and a unique authorization code.
      5. To find your Developer ID: open a new tab in your browser and log in to the Google Play Console.
      6. In the side menu, open Download reports -> Statistics.
      7. Click "Copy Cloud Storage URI".

        The Cloud Storage URI has this format: gs://pubsite_prod_rev_11458896072533194086/stats/installs/

        For the integration settings, you need to use the digits only.

      8. Go back to the AppFollow Integrations screen and paste these digits into the Developer ID field in the integration settings pop-up window.
      9. To get the authorization code: click on "Get this code here" and sign in to the Google Account. Allow GSUtil to access your Google Account. Copy the code, go back to AppFollow and paste it into the "Enter code" field.

        The Google Account that you use to get the code should have the following permissions:
        - View app information and download bulk reports (read-only);    
        - View financial data, orders, and cancellation survey responses.

        The Owner or the Admin of the Google Developer account can check and manage user permissions in the Google Play Console. Check the permissions settings, log in to the Google Play Console as an Owner or Admin, and go to Settings -> Users & permissions.

      10. Click "Add integration".


Check out the most common issues which might occur during the setup process in our guide to Troubleshooting Google Play Issues.

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