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AppFollow delivers the number of downloads and sales metrics right into your Slack channel. 

App Store Sales Report

Integration with App Store Connect is usually enough to have the access to both Sales and ASO reports. Please check the roles and permissions in your App Store Connect account:

  • Reply to Reviews (allows replying to app reviews using AppFollow interface or integrations): Customer support role.
  • Sales Report (access to app revenue data): Admin or Sales + Reports + Marketer roles.
  • ASO Report (access to downloads and other ASO metrics): Admin or Marketer + Reports roles.
  • If you want to set up all types of integrations (Reply to Reviews, Sales and ASO reports): Admin or Marketer + Finance roles (Sales and Report will be marked automatically).
Set up App Store Connect integration


  1. Open main app page (iOS) and click Integrations;
  2. Click "Add new integration";
  3. Choose App Store Connect and enter the login data: Apple ID and Password.
  4. Done! 
Two-factor authentication
If your account has a two-factor authentication, send the invite to Just choose the roles above depending on the tools you plan to use. 

Google Play Sales Report

Check out this detailed guide to set up a Sales Report integration for Google Play apps. Once it's done, you can set up a Sales Slack report. Go 

If everything is set correctly, sales and downloads data will be delivered directly to Slack channel:
What exactly will you get?
  • Overall number of downloads, updates, uninstalls (only for the Google Play), re-downloads (only for the App Store) for each app in your account;
  • Detailed stats for Top-3 countries (according to the number of downloads in the given period);
  • Report goes to the chosen Slack channel;
  • Choose between daily or monthly reports or both.

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