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At AppFollow we offer you many opportunities to stay updated and keep track of all the latest changes of your app. In this article we'll show you, how you can integrate your Slack account with AppFollow to get reviews about the app.

Set up Reviews Updates Slack Integration

Step 1. In your AppFollow account go to the "Integrations" section, select the app and click on "Add integration" next to the Slack icon.

Step 2. Then select "Reviews Updates".

Step 3. Decide, where (in what channel) you'd like to receive reviews and finish the setting with "Allow" button.

If this does not happen, you can manually access it by clicking on gear icon next to the integration.

Below we'll go over every filter with the examples how it looks like.

Please do not select featured/became worse/became better/only beta all at once. It means, that the system will search for reviews, that matches all these criteria. If you want to receive notifications about all these types of reviews, just leave these boxes unchecked.

Only featured reviews

Became better/worse.

Beta reviews. There's an option to be notified about beta reviews as well. You need to enable beforehand beta reviews gathering.

You can also specify the language as well as the rating of the reviews.

Summary report ( daily/weekly/monthly)

There's an interesting thing to take into account - this information as it's said in the header is compared to any given previous period (either to the day/week/month before).

For your convenience we have also added an option to reply to reviews directly from Slack - you need to enable Reply bot for that. Please refer to this article to learn more about this feature.

Now let's consider reviews seperately. Again, you can configure here the frequency of the notifications as well as its content.

Here is how Ratings Summary looks like.

Import history allows you to get the latest 100 reviews before the date notifications has been set. So if you leave this box unchecked, you'll receive notifications starting from the date they've been set up.

We pull the reports at 8:00 AM in your time zone.

If you have any questions left, just drop us a message by clicking a chat button and we'll gladly help you!

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