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This article covers the legacy Telegram integration. To set up a new version of the Telegram integration, head over to Alerts and Reports: Overview.


If you have several teams working on different aspects of reviews management (such as technical support or reputation management), you can set up multiple chats to keep teams informed about their new reviews based on tags.

Telegram Tags Integration

The Telegram Tags Integration can be set via the Telegram Reply Bot. To get started, you need to add the bot to your Telegram account:

1. Create a new Telegram chat where you will receive your app's reviews. We recommend creating a separate channel specifically for replying to reviews instead of using an existing channel. This will ensure that an unintended reply is not sent to an end-user.

2. Add @appfollow_reply_bot as a member.

3. Type /start to get the Chat ID.

The Chat ID may start with the symbol "-" which is part of the ID and should be copied. For example, if you have the following Chat ID: -123456789 you need to copy all of the symbols.

4. Copy the digits and go to the Integration List page in your AppFollow account. 

5. Select an app and click "+Add integration" next to the Telegram Tags integration.

6. Paste the Telegram Chat ID and select the required tags.

The bot will send reviews with the specified tags directly to the chat. You can select one or multiple tags for one chat. The integration supports manual and auto-tags. Semantic tags are not supported.

7.  Click "Add integration".

Once the integration has been set up, you’ll receive notifications in real-time as soon as there is a new review tagged with the selected tag(s).

If a certain tag was assigned to the same review several times during one day, only one alert will be sent for this review to avoid spamming.

The following actions are available:

  • Permalink – open a review in a separate tab
  • Translate – check the review's translation via Google translate
  • Add tag – open your AppFollow account page to manage tags
  • Reply – post a response for apps that have an active Replies to Reviews integration.

Telegram Reviews Alert Integration

Reviews Telegram Alerts integration helps to react to the acute fluctuations in the reviews with a specified rate. Keeping in the loop if a number of critical reviews reached a certain point and taking instant actions may save the app release and the overall app rating.

How to set up

The Tags Integration could be set via Telegram Reply Bot. To get started, you need to add the bot to your Telegram account:

1. Create a Telegram Group to receive tagged reviews.

2. Add @appfollow_reply_bot as a member.

3. Type /start, and you will get the Chat ID.

The Chat ID may start with the symbol '-' which should be also copied. For example, if you have the Chat id: -123456789 you need to use the full entry.

4. Copy the digits and go to the Integration List page in your AppFollow account. Select an app and the Telegram Tags integration, click "+Add integration".

5. Paste the Telegram Chat ID in the field.

6. Set the conditions for the alert to be sent. You need to fill in:
- the number of reviews; 
- the number of stars for the reviews;
- the timeframe.

The time condition could be set up to 840 hours (35 days).

7. Click 'Create Alert'.

Once the integration is set up and as soon as the conditions of the integration rule are met, you'll get a Telegram alert. 
For example, if within 4 hours the app receives more than 5 reviews with 5 stars, the alert will be sent to the Telegram channel:

"View Reviews" button leads to the Reply to Reviews page with the reviews filtered according to the integration settings (number of stars and timeframe).


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