Connecting or Reseting 2FA App Store Connect Integration

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Aisha Turdumambetova
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If you are trying to either connect 2FA App Store integration or resend a code for an existing one you may see the following error: Access error (two-step verification session expired. Please resend two-factor authentication code).

1. In order to update two-factor authentification or two set up 2FA integration please put your Apple ID and a password

CleanShot 2024-04-23 at 16.06.19@2x.png

2. After you will receive a 6 digits code on your Apple Device. Please enter the code.

CleanShot 2024-04-23 at 16.08.22@2x.png

3. The setup is complete!

CleanShot 2024-04-23 at 16.08.33@2x.png


The verification code provided by Apple for two-factor authentification is valid for 30 days. You will need to provide a new code every 30 days to continue using your Apple account on AppFollow.

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