App Store Connect: Access error (please check that the provided account has access to the app)

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You're encountering the “Access error (please check that the provided account has access to the app)” in your AppStore Integration, preventing you from sending replies.

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This issue may stem from two possible reasons: there might have been changes in roles for AppFollow's Apple ID or they might have been removed from App Store Connect. 

You can view the various types of roles available in our Integration Types and Permissions section. For complete access to all available AppFollow features and tools for your app, it's recommended to set up a Full-access integration.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps

  • Navigate to AppStore Connect.
  • Click on "Users and Access."
  • Ensure that you have checked all the necessary roles for the AppFollow's Apple ID.

If after following these steps you still can't see the reviews in AppFollow, please reach out to our support team and share the troubleshooting steps you've taken. We're here to assist you further.

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