Sunsetting Downloads and Revenue Page: Transitioning to New Metrics

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At AppFollow, we are dedicated to empowering our clients in the dynamic app marketplace. Our tools are designed to support your app’s visibility in app stores and provide key performance insights for your mobile applications. As we grow and mature as an organization, our tools must continue to evolve as well, ensuring their effectiveness and alignment with your expanding objectives and requirements.

What's Changing?

Starting from December 1, 2023, we will be sunsetting our Downloads and Revenue page. Rest assured, the core metrics previously available on this page will still be accessible within AppFollow, primarily through the Organic Dashboard and Channel Analytics pages.

Transitioning to Organic Dashboard

The Organic Dashboard not only provides visibility into your app's downloads but also offers a range of other crucial metrics, including:

  • Search Visibility Score
  • Conversion Rates
  • App Reputation Index

For a detailed guide on the Organic Dashboard, please consult our dedicated resource page.

Channel Analytics: A Comprehensive View

For a consolidated overview of your app's Downloads, Page Views, and Impressions from both the App Store and Google Play, we recommend utilizing the Channel Analytics page. This tool offers calculated conversion rates and historical data, enabling you to track download fluctuations and refine your ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy.

Further details on Channel Analytics can be found on our resource page.

Transitioning from Downloads and Revenue API

If you've been using AppFollow's Downloads and Revenue API and are looking for an alternative, consider making a transition to our ASO API method. This choice doesn't serve as a replacement, but it also includes data on downloads.

For comprehensive information about our API methods, please refer to our API documentation.

Gathering Revenue & Sales Data

During this transition period and until we have all of the metrics on our Downloads and Revenue page available within AppFollow, we understand that there may be some limitations to the alternative methods. To assist you in collecting the necessary data points from both the App Store and Google Play consoles, we have provided links to the respective guides:


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