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This feature is in Beta stage at the moment.


Replies powered by AI provide a unique opportunity for businesses to revolutionize their customer support and take it to a whole new level of excellence. With our new AI replies feature, you will be able to provide your users with more rapid, efficient responses, allowing your team to focus on delivering an exceptional user experience and ensuring the best user satisfaction yet.

How to use it

Every AppFollow account can now have access to our AI replies feature, limited to 15 AI replies per month for our free users and unlimited for our Premium clients.

To use the new AI Replies feature, click on Reply to Reviews in the navigation menu on the left. On this page, you can click on the Reply to Review text field on any of your reviews, and you will then see the Generate AI reply button.

Once you click this button, our AI will analyze the review posted by the user and produce a fitting reply, based on the tone of voice and content of the Review, taking your app and its features into consideration. 

See an example of a Reply produced by our AI below, for a positive review:


ezgif-4-de87fcaeb5__1_.gifOnce the reply is generated by our AI, you can edit it and change it however you'd like, and once you're happy with it, simply click the Send reply button to send it to the store.

This feature is only available in our new version of the Reply to Reviews page.

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